Imagine a world

Without Hate…

Walt Wittman said “The Job of the Poet is to resolve all tongues into one”

 It is in the spirit of the word that the deed shall be done;

The word is called love, like the Sun will dissipate… a foggy future till clear

For labels of each other separate 

where non judgment draws us so near

Identity of self, individuality so necessary

Creative expression beautiful, not just ordinary

When stepping on to world stage sometimes to feel rejected

take heart that in each of us all others are reflected

This passion for justice is the inspirational fuel

 That our journey is shared is lifes  eternal rule

The imagination we have is a positive blessing

To cry on a shoulder can be new and refreshing

In a world where all things are possible and that leaves nothing out

Hold strong to your confidence and with haste banish doubt

You can trust and have faith you have brothers and sisters

Allies and Friends, Artists and Monsters

Blackberry jam is so sweet and colourful

Peanut butter is so brown and yummy

Marmalade is kinda tart and always excites

Butter is soft and melts warm and runny

Like chocolate and marshmallows

or a strawberry shake.

Would you get mad at these things

for being different from cheesecake.

So the future of love is like a desired desert

You can have it if you want it if your willing to work

for acceptance, awareness, for life and compassion

Life is the box of chocolates without all the rapping.

Classism is Fascism

Better to seek Anti Discrimination Education

Respect for all Religions

Respect for all Nations

Each others pain is the same though it may feel different

Common ground is the sound of lifetime commitment:

To Love…. the power of our future reality

Hate only strays us to a mundane conformity

A silent majority

An Elitist sorority

prejudice is a malady

and cure is diversity

Embrace Trans-Bi-Het-Homo Philosophy

Phobia is a monstrosity

I believe in a City

Where Pride is the Rain

To cleanse the washed brain

and Queer is the umbrella

for our life under Sun

Where hate has no harbour

 And Rainbows don’t run

Sun Arrives

Sunglasses and a wallet. all you need for Summer sunshine weather. Don’t forget your brain. One love.